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Amateur Radio Basic Classes – Fall 2024

The Charlottetown Amateur Radio Club is preparing to deliver in-person classes for the Basic Qualification license. We will teach all of the elements required to successfully pass the license examination.

Options available to you:

In Person Classes

UPDATED: June 12th, 2024

The spring 2024 class has just ended, congratulations to the students! Our next class is scheduled for September 2024 – stay tuned for further details on the specific dates.

Please note that you don’t have to attend the course if you prefer to self study and simply write the test, feel free to indicate that as well and we can match you up with an instructor to facilitate the written test.

Miss the course? You have some options:

  • Self Study – see the right side column for details on this option which can be done throughout the year at your own pace >>
  • Sign up to be notified (below) of an upcoming course (Fall time or next spring). Course schedules depend on interest so make sure to notify us and when we have enough for a course we will send out details about it




To be confirmed:

We are pleased to announce that we have secured the boardroom at the Canadian Red Cross building on 29 Paramount Dr., Charlottetown, C1E 0C6, for our next round of Basic Amateur Radio classes.


We will be using the COAX Publications Basic Amateur Study Guide, which you are free to purchase directly from the publisher, or you can buy it from the club at our anticipated rate of $50 per book. Purchasing from the club saves shipping costs, and will be roughly $15 cheaper for you.

Tuition will be $50 for most students. Red Cross staff/volunteers will have a reduced tuition arrangement in recognition of the CRC hosting our classes. Please let us know if you are a Red Cross-affiliated person. That tuition includes a one-year membership in the Charlottetown Amateur Radio Club (a $20-$30 value).

At the end of the course, examinations will be offered for all students. Exams are free. The pass mark is 70%, and an honours designation is available at 80%, which adds extra on-air privileges.

  • The cost will be $100 which includes the purchase of the study guide
  • Exams will be run at the end of the course, at no extra charge. Main topics covered will be:
  • Regulations and Policies
  • Operating and Procedures
  • Station Assembly, Practice and Safety
  • Circuit Components
  • Basic Electronics and Theory
  • Feedlines and Antenna Systems
  • Radio Wave Propagation, and
  • Interference and Suppression

There are no age limits or prerequisites for the course. We recommend that students come with a basic understanding of mathematics.

Sign Up Here:

Sign up here our next class course! Thanks for your interest and we will keep in contact with you!

    Self Study

    You can self study as well for free if you choose to or purchase a study guide yourself. There are many resources, youtube videos and series online that provide the basic knowledge and teaching so that you can pass the test!

    There is a practice exam that you can try as many times as you like prior to writing the FREE exam, its located here

    ONLINE Courses Available:

    An Online Basic Amateur Radio Course is available that the Halifax ARC and Annapolis Valley ARC use.  It was developed by Al Penney VO1NO with input from several Canadian Clubs

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