Repeater Map



Charlottetown Amateur Radio Club Associated Repeaters

Location Callsign Freq. (MHz) Offset (MHz) CTCSS Notes
Churchill VE1CRA 146.670 -0.600 100.0
Churchill (D-Star) VE1CRA 146.715 -0.600 None VE1CRA C VE1CRA G
Churchill (DMR) VE1UHF 443.300 +5.000 None Also Fusion
Montague VY2EKR 147.165 (+) +5.000 None -L, R100.0




Location Callsign Freq. (MHz)
O’Leary VY2CFB 144.390
Hazel Grove VY2TPH 144.390
Meadowbank VE1AIC I-Gate 144.390





Visit as one resource to see maps of repeaters in the area or in the maritimes.

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