Join Our Club!

Interested in joining our club? We meet monthly outside of other scheduled activities. There is an annual membership fee and you are welcome to join our club meetings.



Here are some of the reasons you would become a member of the club

  • To support the local amateur radio club members and the repeater systems that are available
  • To be notified of special events and gatherings
  • To be top of the list to participate in the annual field day event!
  • To have the ability to vote at club meetings and add your opinion to the discussion and shape the future of the Charlottetown Amateur Radio Club
  • To make new friends, young and old and in between
  • To learn more about Amateur Radio – each club meeting for example includes a time of ‘show and tell’ where you will learn about ladder line, or Winlink, or some other aspect of Amateur Radio as we share our knowledge and interest. You’ll learn a lot from fellow hams and from the monthly meetings!
  • You’ll also be supporting the club (and taking part with the club members) which acts as an emergency communications proxy for natural disasters or the like

Go to our contact page if you would like to be contacted or you need more information