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Are you new to the Amateur Radio hobby or interested in getting involved? We welcome any new folks who would like to attend a club meeting or event and ask any questions.


Q – How do I get my ham radio license?

A – Take a course with us, see details here and signup: In Person Courses or Visit the Government of Canada website to learn all abut how to get your license, where to find qualified examiners and how to study for your test!


Q – Where can i find study questions for the exam?

A – Visit the Government of Canada website to find the practise questions and the full list of questions that could be on your test..


Q – What is the test, does it require morse code knowledge?

A – The test is 100 random questions from the bank on the website. There is no current requirement for morse code knowledge


Callsign prefixes:

In Prince Edward Island, our prefix is VY2 however there are some prior callsigns before VY2 was available that start with VE1.

Prefix Province/Territory
VE1 VA1 Nova Scotia
VE2 VA2 Quebec
VE3 VA3 Ontario
VE4 VA4 Manitoba
VE5 VA5 Saskatchewan
VE6 VA6 Alberta
VE7 VA7 British Columbia
VE8 Northwest Territories
VE9 New Brunswick
VE0* International Waters
VO1 Newfoundland
VO2 Labrador
VY1 Yukon Territory
VY2 Prince Edward Island
VY0 Nunavut Territory


Interested in joining our club? We meet monthly outside of other scheduled activities. There is an annual membership fee and you are welcome to join our club meetings.



Here are some of the reasons you would become a member of the club

  • To support the local amateur radio club members and the repeater systems that are available
  • To be notified of special events and gatherings
  • To be top of the list to participate in the annual field day event!
  • To have the ability to vote at club meetings and add your opinion to the discussion and shape the future of the Charlottetown Amateur Radio Club
  • To make new friends, young and old and in between
  • To learn more about Amateur Radio – each club meeting for example includes a time of ‘show and tell’ where you will learn about ladder line, or Winlink, or some other aspect of Amateur Radio as we share our knowledge and interest. You’ll learn a lot from fellow hams and from the monthly meetings!
  • You’ll also be supporting the club (and taking part with the club members) which acts as an emergency communications proxy for natural disasters or the like

Go to our contact page if you would like to be contacted or you need more information

Don’t have your Amateur Radio license? Though not required to listen in or come to our clubs,  you can join us for one of our in person courses, sign up here

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